Upon Arrival

  • Get the introductions over with as quickly and as quietly as possible
  • Try to avoid loud noises, bright lights, too much handling and fondling of the new arrival along with overwhelming attention and expression of affection.  These may frighten the kitten.
  • Remember that the new kitten has no idea where he or she is and who you are, friend or enemy
  • It is your job to convince the newcomer that he or she is in good hands
  • The very first thing to do is to allow the kitten to take a look and a sniff at the new house
  • Do not give him the complete run of the house
  • Take him to one room at a time, allow him to see the entire terriroory and range
  • Do not allow the newcomer to roam from you or it may take hours to find him
  • Show him his litter pan right away and teach him how to use it
  • info credit to http://smalldogs2.com/


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