Persian Kittensy

If you are looking for a sweet, affectionate and gentle cat with a beautiful fur coat, Persian kittens are all that and more. These long haired cats are a popular pet throughout the world. 

 History of Persian Cats 

Traders from Persia, now Iran, first brought Persian kittens to Europe in the sixteenth century. Hieroglyphics suggest that the cat's popularity dates back even further. Persian kittens were considered a high value trade item because the Europeans were impressed with their long, silky coats. Italian traveler Pier Della Ale is given credit for introducing Persian cats to Europe. Persians are also referred to as "long hairs" and are one of the oldest breeds of felines on record.
It was not uncommon at the time to find a Persian kitten in many royal courts. By the nineteenth century, the breed was considered a sign of prestige and luxury among the elite. Persians were actually one of the first breeds of cats to be registered with the Cat's Fancier Association (CA) which began in 1909.


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