Bonding is the essence of friendship

 With your kitten, this means:
  • Creating a personal relationship between the two of you based on genuine feelings of affection
  • Cats that have bonded with their family have a strong desire to be with them and have deveoped a sense of belonging to their home, which in the cat's mind, means his or her territory
  • When you make friends with your kitten, you satisfy his instinctive needs and also get him to accept you as teacher and trainer, which promotes good behavior.  Bonding will definitely make life easier for all concerned.
  • No matter what your kitten's previous life was like, you have the opportunity to communicate to him that he is safe, cherished, and respected.
  • Bonding involves communicating your affection, introducing him to his new home, feeding him, speaking to him, toching him, using body language, playing with him, and responding to all manner of kitten activities. 
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