The sound of your voice and its intonation are two key elements in the bonding process:

  • Watch the parents and friends of a young baby and listen to the silly things they say and the way they sam them, then watch the baby's face.  The baby may smile, even giggle, or become quiet. 
  • The same is true for a new kitten.  When you speak to him, he listens and then responds.
  • The softer your voice and the higher-pitched it is, the more concentrated will be his response to it.
  • A cat's hearing is much more acute than human hearing
  • He is highly sensitive to loud sounds and noises
  • Anger and a loud voice is understood by anyone and to a cat it can be frightening
  • If you use a moderate, loving tone of voice, your kitten will want to be near you
  • The affectionate use of your voice is one of the most important tools you have to help you bond with your kitten as well as to influence good behavior for all its life.
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