Pucci met DR PETER

Today  I had brought pucci met dr peter for vaksin and dewormed at rawang Mutiara. Next appointment on 17 MAC. Dr peter have 10 persian kitten for sale..price rm800. Those munchkin are very healthy, xxl size n cute like me  ( ages 4 - 6 weeks)..hiksss....Worth it for me to buy another 1 for pucci. outside is rm1600 plus2.hhehhehehee.


miss.Bed said...

pucci bakal dpt kawan

zaza said...

nanti miss bed leh beli ngan coco..best price for u

Bella Enveeus said...

hi there! was wondering, if there any photos of Dr Peter's kittens ni? I so want kittens n looking for healthy ones too

zaza said...

hi bella dear u can view here : http://www.petfinder.my/pets/18860/

i will info here if dr have new babies k

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