Holding Your Kitten

  • Holding a cat properly is more important than you would think
  • Avoid holding a cat in any way that scares him
  • He may panic and try to squirm away
  • In the process, you may be scratched or the cat may endure a severe fall
  • With the kitten facing away from you, simply slide your hand along his belly and up to his chest, stop when your fingers are just behind the front legs
  • Place the cat's rear end and back legs in the open palm of your other hand
  • Be firm but gentle
  • It will appear that you are presenting the kitten to the rest of the world
  • If you reverse this and allow him to face you, he is going to dig his nails into your shirt and that will hurt and you may drop him
  • This is how to life a kitten as well as an adult cat
  • This is the first step toward making your new kitten feel secure 
  • info credit to http://smalldogs2.com/


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