Breech delivery

 I keep reading abt 'queen' when they want to deliver. All the hanky panky and difficult might be happen at this time. When pichie's time, i myself oogling all the birth of her kits. Wondering why she expel with legs first? now i know she had a breech birth ( what you might call a breech birth, i.e. kitten presenting backwards but with a foot or tail coming down first, is not a true breech and is almost as common as head first presentation. True breech - bottom first and legs tucked up - is rarer and may well present problems just as with humans. but even so most queens shoudl be able to birth such a kitten normally, it may just take longer than usual and a little help may be required). I thought  its's normal. Relief am with her, if anything happened i might be blame my self for the second time. Ithink maybe kits head were big so it's hard for her to push or maybe she just actively roaming inside and outside in her pregnancy time. I learned that we need effort and tendency to prepare any emergency difficulties ( standby ur vet no). Alhamdulillah everythin goes well.

 I like to dig a lot of information about something that BELL my heart. Being a mom pichie is changing her temperement, she's more caring, alert, sensitive protective and loving ( i have adopted a new kitten, and pichi just yelling her, slap her) before. In this atmosphere, she binge less and drink alot of water. Day by day her appetite is increase. All her kits just have new mark on nose...cute!!!  Totally resemble her mommy!!!.

 Daddy puchie looks weird and scared towards baby. He tend to smell the kits and rua away...o thought he will eating all of them, his attitude show that he is manja and love his off spring. Eventhough with PATCHIE ( am not sharing her pic yet) he just lick her face and her tail. All reflect me that puchie is a loving daddy......i will blogging more about my queen.....


meowwmania said...

ohh leganya....alhamdulillah semua selamat

smoga baby membesar sihat :))

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